Acetaia Mussini – Glaze – Figs Balsamic, 5.07 fl oz (150 ml)


The Fig glaze is characterized by the light fruity and sweet notes of this fruit. Ideal to use as condiment and as a glaze.

Content: 5.07 fl oz (150 ml)

Serving suggestions: Mature cheese, salami, foie gras, caviar, chocolate, yoghurt, ice cream. Excellent for garnishing and decorating appetizers and desserts.

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The Mussini family has a very extensive line of balsamic vinegars. The oldest have matured for no less than 100 years on wood. This youngest one is 3 years old. The coin on the front of the bottle indicates the age of the balsamic vinegar. Each coin is equal to 3 years aging in wooden barrels. So you can see how old a balsamic vinegar really is. Young balsamic vinegar is perfect to use over salads, in combination with a nice olive oil. It has a fresh – sour taste. Because of its freshness and spicy tones it is also ideal for sauces, reducing, and making stew.

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