Lalaina – Colatura di Gambero Rosso di Mazara del Vallo (Red Shrimps Sauce), 3.4 Fl oz (100 ml)


The colatura di Gambero Rosso® is a new food product made through patented process which allows you to extract the eggs and juices present inside the carapace of the red shrimp. The Colatura it is a circular product that allows fish farms to produce zero waste and use all the raw material. The Gambero Rosso is reinserted into the production cycle, acquiring value in terms of: sustainability, economics and food innovation.

It is an ingredient that is used both hot and cold to season and flavor first courses, fish main courses and gourmet pizzas. It has a balanced flavor that recalls the sweetness of red prawns, the intensity is accentuated in relation to the quantity used in the preparation of the dish.

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Lalaina s.r.l. deals with the research and development of new manufacturing processes and food products. The company’s mission is to make production cycles circular, analyzing the processing methods of the manufacturing companies and analyzing the critical issues of the supply chain to obtain new food products. Lalaina aims to convey ethical business values and give new life to what is too often considered just a “waste”.


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