Scalia – Anchovy Sauce, 16.91 Fl oz (500 ml)


Colatura is a highly protein condiment, composed of free amino acids and therefore immediately assimilated by the body. It has a high percentage of chlorine, sodium, phosphorus and also contains calcium and iron. This condiment has invigorating properties especially for the stomach, controls the PH and helps the digestive processes. Being a product of the sea it is advisable for people who have disorders such as sore throat, adenoids, for weak people and for those who need to strengthen the immune system.

The Colatura, today, is used in the kitchen also in place of salt or to reinforce the flavor of fish-based dishes, it can also be combined with pasta as well as vegetables.
Colatura di Alici is a product that is always present in the kitchens of the great Chefs.

Ingredients: 100% salted anchovy extract.

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The Fish Industry Canned Food Benedetto Scalia was born in Sciacca (Ag) in 1973. The city, of about 50,000 inhabitants, could be defined as a terrace overlooking the splendid Mediterranean sea. Its sea, particularly rich in fish, is mainly suited to bluefish fishing, especially anchovies and sardines.

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