Rosso di Sicilia – Cherry Tomato Sauce, 11.64 oz (330 g)


Ready-to-eat Sicilian cherry tomato sauce has kept its recipe unchanged over the years, according to tradition. The access red color that distinguishes it is related to the cherry tomato used: climatic conditions and cultivation techniques, positively affect the organoleptic characteristics of the final product, giving it a high sugar content, a low acidity, a bright red color, also resulting from the high content of lycopene of cherry tomatoes, and an important texture resulting from the percentage in fiber that characterizes the Sicilian cherry tomato.

Ingredients: Cherry tomatoes 97%, basil 1%, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, salt.

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For Giuseppe Rosso, Quality, Food Safety and Customer Satisfaction are not only fundamental criteria for maintaining a leading position in the vegetable canning sector, but also represent a philosophy, a working style that involves the company at all levels. The Management’s commitment is to continuously improve its system, adapting it to its internal needs and trying to meet the expectations and requirements of the customer, with particular regard to hygiene and food safety.

The management’s commitment is achieved on a daily basis by defining precise ways of managing activities for all staff, who continuously apply the defined instructions and criteria.

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